Digital Signage Scores in Sports Stadiums

Digital displays have long been fixtures in sports facilities, but new technologies are making them even more valuable.

Few things are more enjoyable than a day spent at a sports arena, cheering on our favourite team as they battle their rivals. As the world becomes more and more a place where digital displays greet our senses nearly everywhere we turn, those sports facilities are following suit. In addition to what’s taking place on the field, much of the action in a modern sports arena happens on digital displays. But digital signage in a sports setting is much more than eye candy. In addition to creating an engaging experience for attendees, that signage can be used for everything from increasing sales at the concession stand to guiding stadium visitors throughout the venue. Those capabilities continue to evolve.

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Improving the fan experience

The power of digital signage in sports shows itself in the entire arena experience, beginning with the signs outside the venue advertising this week’s matchup. Once a fan passes the entrance turnstiles, digital signage points to the concession stands, the restrooms and guest services, and finally to the seats.

Once we’ve gotten comfortable, signage in the stadium keeps us in tune to the action on the field, displaying information and statistics about the participants, telling stories about a player’s family, hobbies and interests along with tidbits about their performance on the field.

At the same time, it can keep us informed about the progress of other important matchups around the country. In addition, it can run ads for local businesses, promote offerings at the concession stands and run congratulatory messages and birthday wishes for those in the crowd.

In the concourse, digital menu boards in concession stands can help promote slow-moving or high-margin items with full-motion video, allowing for items to be easily removed if a runout occurs. In the event of an emergency, digital signage can guide attendees to the nearest exits or inform them of whatever action is appropriate for the situation.

While those are some of the more obvious uses of digital signage in the stadium, developments in technology are adding to their engagement power.

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