looking for a game changer? Look no further.

Yes, what you're seeing is real!  Digital content can now be shown and interact with your actual product in the display case.

Extremely user friendly, the HYPEBOX provides an innovative and unique showcase for your product.

Display your products with eye-popping impact.  Give your customers an immersive marketing experience unlike any other and make an unforgettable impression.


We live and breathe our products and constantly look for ways to improve the quality and experience.


Innovative product presentations unlike any other.


Stand out from the crowd and watch your sales soar.


Your display products are locked securely and safe against theft.

Blue Sky Thinking

Step out of the norm and do something new, innovative and effective.

Easy on your pocket

Low running costs and power consumption means your business is never out of pocket.

We’ve created a stunning installation of several HypeBoxes to promote our newest products and current offers. Since we’re using that kind of presentation system in our shopping windows, we’ve got around 30% new clients!
— Andreas Kapl, CEO Global-Fishing (Germany)

Vivid Content

High-Quality LCD panels provide bright and vivid colours along with a deep black pixel coverage.

Fully Customisable

HYPEBOX is availale in a wide range of colours and sizes and can easily be customised to your specification.


Play with space, colour and sound to create a product presentation that will leave your customers wanting more.



Along with the USB port, the displays can be connected to your Mac or PC system by HDMI. Once connected you can use it like a normal display or second monitor.


Available in sizes 10.4"  |  19"


Use the on-screen menu to adjust multiple settings including Picture Mode, Colour and Aspect Ratio to meet your specific requirements.

Available in sizes 17.3"  |  21.5"  |  32"  |  47"  |  55"  |  70"  |  84"

Low Maintenance

Extremely low maintenance. However, if you do ever require support we're always here to help.

Available in sizes 21.5" 1/2  |  29"  |  55 1/2


And here's something even cooler...

Impressed? We thought so...

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